Wheel Repairs


Common forms of Damage

The most common form of damage to Mag wheels is done by scraping, potholes in the road, hitting foreign object on road, and the tyre blowing out.

Cast Mag Wheels

95% of Cast Wheels do not go through a true heat treatment process, they are simply cooled at a certain tempreture after they have been poured at the foundry stage, this means all Cast wheels can be repaired, the process in welding, staightening and machining is just different.
BRUGAR Engineering will identify your wheels by visual inspection of stamp marks.
** Cast wheels are generally alot heavier in weight and also feel thicker than other wheels

Spun Mag wheels

Spun Mag wheels can be repaired if dented or bent,but if cracked they sometimes can end up costing alot more than Cast Mags.

Chrome Mags

Chrome Mag wheels can be repaired but the chrome cannot be restored to the wheel if it is chipped or flaking.


We have options depending on your budget:
Wheels can be painted after they're repaired. We also offer a full recondition and respray.

Wheel Inserts

We can handle the removal and replacement of old or damaged inserts.
Lock Nut Removal
We can remove overtightened or damaged Wheel Nuts from your car upon your arrival.(No appointment necessary).